Panadapter Yaesu FTdx10


I used a common hig impedance buffer to get an “RF second receiver” output (not an “IF out”) from my new Yaesu Rig.

In this way I am able to connect and use an external SDR.

I used a “PAT70” from Dave G4HUP (SK) that I had laying around from some time…

I got all the connection points taking inspiration from the same zone my FT991 has its elad panadapter installed, and from the FTDX101 native RF out I found looking to its tech supplement (search the net…).

This is the result :

This is the board fixed with some kapton tape:

This is the rear fan I disassembled to add 4 little nuts in order to create some space to let the thin coax to pass through (I didn’t want to drill holes into the chassys):

This is a closeup of the connections for power supply +8v taken from “RX8 line” and ground (black)

and finally the details also for the RF signal point:

DISCLAIMER: Even if at the moment my testing gave no problem , I take no responsability if you damage your radio trying to replicate my experiment.





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  1. Thank you for the above information. I also just got a FTDX10. and would like to hook up a sdrplay for a second receiver inorder to work Dx on split mode and hear both freq. One question is the Yellow wire in your photo connected to area circled in RED marked RF and the other end goes to solder joint next to the black wire on the pat70m board??? Looks like this will work much better than using the mfj 1708bsdr along with the sdrplay. (the mfj product will
    loose at least 3db . Thanks again Tom N2UD

    1. Yes it is the “RF in” to the PAT board and goes near the black wire.
      Anyway, 3db of signal lost are half of an “S” point…. so not a big deal in receive path, probably…

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