Panadapter Yaesu FTdx10


I used a common hig impedance buffer to get an “RF second receiver” output (not an “IF out”) from my new Yaesu Rig.

In this way I am able to connect and use an external SDR.

I used a “PAT70” from Dave G4HUP (SK) that I had laying around from some time…

I got all the connection points taking inspiration from the same zone my FT991 has its elad panadapter installed, and from the FTDX101 native RF out I found looking to its tech supplement (search the net…).

This is the result :

This is the board fixed with some kapton tape:

This is the rear fan I disassembled to add 4 little nuts in order to create some space to let the thin coax to pass through (I didn’t want to drill holes into the chassys):

This is a closeup of the connections for power supply +8v taken from “RX8 line” and ground (black)

and finally the details also for the RF signal point:

DISCLAIMER: Even if at the moment my testing gave no problem , I take no responsability if you damage your radio trying to replicate my experiment.





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