Yaesu FTDX10 Audio USB and footswitch


I usually connect my RTX to the PC in order to manage all the audio via software.

This is my current setup (already working with an FT-991 rig) :


“studio” microphone connected to an USB audio interface (Scarlet 2i4) to enhance the quality of a standard embedded pc soundcard

Rig connected to my PC via USB cable

Footswitch (PTT pedal) connected to the radio using the front RJ45 connector I built.

After setting up all the radio menus in order to get the audio from rear USB port (then from the PC ), I tested the transmission pressing the pedal, but speaking into the mic, no audio SSB modulation was present.

Then I realized something I already noticed when I had the Icom 7300 who gave a similar behaviour: if you use the PTT from the front port, then the rig expects the audio part from the same port, despite the menu settings related to the SSB audio…

It is evident this is not a clever choice from the constructor in my opinion…but “it is what it is…”

Luckily I found a solution (actually it is more a “workaround”, as we, IT addicted, like to call it…): connect the footswitch to the RTTY/DATA rear port of the radio.

So I did with another simple DIY cable; in this way everything is working as expected.

Keep in mind that you can’t use that port for other things unless you remove the cable of the pedal from the rear port….

This is the cable schematics:

The round connector for RTTY/DATA is as seen looking the back of the rig; keep it in consideration while building your cable soldering the wires to the connectors…



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  1. Thank you for that .
    Am using a Koss SB45 head set with adaptor.
    Will se up Foot switch as per your instructions.

  2. Greetings Andrea…
    I have been looking for a solution for a PTT switch for my FTDX10, and the information you have provided may be the answer. The RJ54 jack on the front panel is occupied with a connection without a breakout for the PPT. Can you confirm that your solution using the DATA/RTTY will support the PTT function and key the transmitter sending a SSB signal.
    Thanks in advance for your comments
    73, Steve KH6CT

    1. Hi, I confirm what I wrote in the article :-))

      Your question seems to be related to that scenario…
      Anyway, I am able to key the radio with the footswitch while doing SSB via the usb audio from pc. This is what I normally use it for…

  3. Hi Andrea..again!
    This is the second mod i ve done as you presented in your website.
    Excellent results, great an powerfull audio, no audio delay, no RFI, everything works PERFECT!
    For this, i use a FocusRite SOLO 3RD GEN with BEHRINGER XM8500 Dynamic Mic (SM58 Killer?..maybe)
    Some photos with your excellent mods (with links to your site) in my QRZ.COM

    Many 73’s

  4. I wonder if you could give me any additional setting for the ftdx10 I’m trying to do this with solo but not getting any tx audio best regards

    1. My settings:
      Press “Func”, button
      select: “radio settings”
      ensure “mode ssb” is selected, then:
      ssb mod source: rear
      rear select: usb

      Be sure to correctly route your audio signal through your PC and audio interface till the ftdx10 !

  5. I have a pro mic (the Shure MV7) which I intend to use with the dx10. Although I had other ideas, I’m reading this article, could I just plug it into a Scarlet (I have one, coincidentally) and then that into the USB and boom! Done (for the audio input part). What benefit or purpose is the OC, other than audio tuning/processing? And If we are sending “processed” audio into the radio, should the internal processor be turned off?

    1. Hi Tom,
      basically the purpose of connecting the Mic to a decent external interface are:
      1) to use good microphones from “audio industry” without using overpriced “ham radio specific” ones
      2) to process the audio with all the computer audio software (pretty mature and complete)
      3) to use (if such kind of user) the PC as a whole unique control surface (controlling audio, log, spot, rf spectrum, etc..); here it is assumed you want to use such kind of approach…(not saying it is better or not, it is a personal preference)

      I think the radio speech processor has to be turned off by the way; it appears kind of logical to me. Otherwyse you are doubling the function…
      I suggest to compare different setting combination in order for you to be able to conclude something meaningfull for yourself 🙂


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